Facial Video Recognition

Facial Video Recognition (FVR) is an automated computer identification of a person from the incoming video stream. It addresses a growing need of government, law enforcement, public and private enterprises for automatic recognition of individuals captured by video surveillance systems. Facial recognition technology is used for:

  • Access control
  • Automated identity verification
  • Person identification
  • Real-time surveillance
  • Law enforcement & Homeland Security investigations

With some FVRs the accuracy of facial recognition may vary due to differences in pose, expression, appearance, resolution and lighting conditions. This in turn may cause inaccurate results or even failure to scan and identify the individuals. To solve these issues and achieve the best possible performance, Total Recall integrates the leading FR technology, which has addressed many of these factors and delivers the highest recognition rate in the industry. In addition to the exclusive Facial Recognition capabilities, the upgraded technology also uses anonymous facial analytics to count individuals, generate demographic information (gender, age, and ethnicity), track people movement in time and space, detect frequent visitors and locate crowds.

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