Leadership Team

Jordan Heilweil
President of Sales, Total Recall Corp.

Jordan Heilweil has been developing innovative, technologically superior video surveillance solutions for over 25 years. Under his leadership he has built Total Recall Corporation into an industry leading provider of citywide, municipal and enterprise solutions. His team has pioneered the concepts of citywide networks for video surveillance; building sustainable, large scale systems operating under the harshest urban conditions.

In the late nineteen-eighties Mr. Heilweil expanded beyond basic surveillance systems to develop covert recording systems for network news and law enforcement agency investigations. During this time he also designed large matrix switching system solutions supporting nearly 1000 camera inputs. In cooperation with the United States Park Police, National Park Service and other Department of the Interior personnel, he designed and supervised the installation of the CCTV security system for the Statue Of Liberty and Liberty Island. Beginning with the successful design and implementation of the system for the Republican National Convention in 2004, Heilweil led Total Recall into serving the citywide-networked CCTV systems market.

Since these initial projects he has continued to develop relationships and refine the surveillance systems through constant communication with Total Recall customers and industry suppliers.

The company now serves several of the nation's largest cities and has branched out into international installations. Under his leadership, this kind of vision, ingenuity, insight and sensitivity to customer needs has led to Total Recall's strong relationships with leaders in retail, gaming, corporate and public sector security.

Mr. Heilweil is a long-time member of ASIS and serves on the ASIS Show Committee. In addition, Jordan served on the Pelco President’s Dealer Advisory Council and is certified in the design and installation of a wide variety of cameras, switch matrices, digital video recording systems, and other video surveillance and access control equipment. Mr. Heilweil graduated from the FBI CA in 2011.

Richard Heilweil
Vice President, Customer Operations

Mr. Heilweil is responsible for product management, customer service, and maintenance for Total Recall. He also has had primary responsibility for the administrative operation of the company including primary the hiring and management of the office staff.

Richard graduated magna cum laude from NYIT, where he majored in Electro-Mechanical Computer Technology and earned his Bachelor Degree in Technology.

Mr. Heilweil was employed by Rolm/IBM in various positions for nine years, rising to significant responsibility by repairing high profile customer relationships in New York City. Hired as a Customer Support Engineer, he was trained and certified to support the entire product line of Computerized Branch Exchange (CBX) Phone systems and Voicemail. After a headquarters assignment, Mr. Heilweil took the position of Branch Manager of Service for the downtown Manhattan area responsible for the overall operation of the branch including personnel, profit and loss, customer satisfaction and team morale. He joined Total Recall in 1991.

In Heilweil's first Total Recall initiative, he oversaw the rollout of a self-contained covert video system to fill an observed need for parents to be able to monitor in-home childcare providers. Throughout the marketing and development of the product, trademarked Babywatch®, Mr. Heilweil was the spokesperson in all aspects of media relations -- print, radio and TV. Although initially met with much resistance from the media, general population and the ACLU, overcoming these objections has effectively changed the way the world thinks about evaluating in-home childcare. Babywatch® was closely followed by the development of a line of mobile covert systems, which are still in use by many of Total Recall's largest clients.

Richard has since contributed significantly to the design and development of the CrimeEye® product line. His background in Service Planning heavily influenced the serviceability aspect of the design. He is currently responsible for all installations relating to the CrimeEye® product as well as overseeing all maintenance needs.