The City of Chattanooga Secures Community with CrimeEye®

By Total Recall Corp. | |
Thursday, March 15, 2018

The new camera systems not only assisted with ensuring public safety but also made Chattanooga’s residents feel more secure. They were glad to see cameras installed in their neighborhoods starting right at the time they were first mounted for a pilot run.

“We had a demo camera up a couple of weeks ago, and it was only up for a 24-hour period. After the demo ended, we had a crew to go out, along with our partners, to take it down. While in the process of doing so, a gentleman was walking his granddaughter home from school and begged us not to take it down,” shared CPD Lieutenant John Chambers.

In less than 3 months after its installation, CrimeEye captured key evidence used to resolve a major crime case. On August 10th, 2017, with the help of CrimeEye, CPD was able to solve the July 26th homicide of Chattanooga resident Desmond Clay.

To investigate the crime, the Chattanooga Police Department retrieved video footage of the victim’s car recorded by an outdoor CrimeEye RD-2 video unit. This evidence helped to identify the suspect and proceed with his arrest.

“This is precisely what our CrimeEye units were designed for: to reliably record high-quality video and provide that information to authorities quickly and efficiently,” said Jordan Heilweil, Total Recall’s President of Sales.

CrimeEye public safety cameras are a force multiplier. This technology serves as an extra set of eyes for the police department, keeping 24-hour watch over the most violent areas of the city. The video captured by the camera was instrumental in clearing this homicide case in a very timely manner,” said CPD current Chief of Police David Roddy.

Inspired by the success achieved in enhancing public safety and solving crimes with the help of CrimeEye, Chattanooga authorities have decided to expand their public video safety network. The City of Chattanooga and CPD plan to install more CrimeEye public safety cameras to further improve their community safety and relations.