Comprehensive Perimeter Security for PVSC

By Total Recall Corp | Viktoriya Vudmaska
Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Because PVSC includes a significant amount of land acreage and has multiple entry and exit points, they had a specific need for an unconventional access control system. This system had to monitor the multiple doors to PVSC’s premises, as well as vehicle gate access to the property. Total Recall developed an IP access control solution for managing doors and vehicle gates.

To speed up and simplify employee gate access, employee vehicles were equipped with hands-free bar code scanners on car windows. If an employee is not in a company vehicle, he or she can open the gate with a personal access card. Another option is to contact the command center by using an integrated intercom installed at each gate to request permission.

PVSC manages security from an in-house monitoring station that oversees all operations. The security building control room was equipped with an array of 55-inch monitors across one wall and additional 26-inch monitors on a console, where team members can easily monitor door and gate activities, video surveillance, ID badging, and more


PVSC manages security from an in-house monitoring station that oversees all operations. The security building control room was for enhanced security coverage of PVSC’s property, the command center has been additionally equipped with motion detection analytics, which immediately alerts operators to events that occur throughout the vast complex and perimeter.

To help PVSC speed up the launch of the new system and provide immediate benefits from its advanced security features, the Total Recall team also developed customized training solutions for PVSC security employees.

“We like to provide training in phases to smaller groups so that we can give them more detailed instruction,” said Jordan Heilweil, Total Recall President of Sales. “We use training to help them learn all aspects, so they can maximize their usage and take full advantage of the advanced security technology the solution provides.”


Working from a new unified security platform, PVSC security operators are able to streamline processes, save time, and easily respond to events from multiple systems within one intuitive solution.

O’Shea said PVSC employees have been very impressed with the comprehensive system that Total Recall has put in place.

“One of the real benefits of Total Recall’s system is that it is sophisticated but still very easy to use and manage,” O’Shea said. “I can have limited staff in to monitor it without impacting the level of service, which is the very best use of our resources.”

Because PVSC has more than 200 acres that back up to the Newark Bay, it’s a broad area to cover, added O’Shea. “With Total Recall Corporation’s vision and execution, we were able to achieve a superior security system.”

Heilweil said Total Recall is grateful to have helped PVSC improve their security solution, and the team looks forward to offering PVSC additional help as their security needs grow.

“We have been happy to help PVSC develop a technologically-advanced, unified security solution, as well as to continue building upon that system,” said Heilweil.